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Together everyday

In order to cover your daily necessities, we have created Alpha Gold Everyday Banking. Make daily bank transactions fast, easy, and safe.

Alpha Gold Everyday Banking offers you:​

  • The AlphaCard Enter More contactless Visa debit card​
  • Access to the Online Banking services: Alpha Internet Banking and Alpha Mobile Banking. It’s easy, fast and safe.​
  • Members-only automated prioritization of phone calls received through the Gold Call Center, with the identification of the registered phone number.

Specifically, through Alpha Bank Gold Everyday banking you have at your disposal:

  • AlphaCard Enter More Visa contactless debit card

  • Access to fully-fledged services Internet Banking and Mobile Banking easy, fast and with maximum security

  • The exclusive call line Alpha Gold Personal Banking

    • National calls from Monday to Friday* between 9:00 - 18:00
      • Tel Verde: 08008 alpha (08008 25742) - free call
      • *alpha (*25742) - in Orange and Vodafone networks
    • International calls from Monday to Friday* between 9:00 - 18:00: (+ 4021) 455.99.99
    • Cards assistance and emergencies: (021) 319.93.50, available 24/24
    • * except for legal holidays

Alpha Internet Banking and Alpha Mobile Banking

No matter where you are, you can always rely on Alpha Bank’s digital services to make bank transactions quickly, easily, and in full safety, on your device of choice: computer, laptop or mobile phone.

Alpha Bank’s Online Banking services offer you a modern and intuitive interface, designed to make your everyday life easier.

Daily possibilities

The Alpha Internet Banking and Alpha Mobile Banking applications offer you a 360-image and full control of your relationship with the bank, at any time:​

  • You can view the balance of your active accounts (current account, deposit account etc.) and print all the transactions related to the respective accounts.
  • You have bank statements that include complete information: previous balance, current balance and details about the respective transaction.​
  • You can make payments in RON or in foreign currencies, in Romania or abroad
  • You can buy and sell foreign currency.​
  • You can add funds to your credit card
  • You can plan payments on a certain date.​

Your funds are at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Banking – your bank, right on your phone!

Regardless of where you are, with the Mobile Banking service, you always enjoy direct access to your bank - simple, fast, and safe. You have all the benefits of the Internet Banking service right on your phone.​

Safe and easy! Log in to your Alpha Bank account with your username, password, and the 6-digit security code generated by the security device.​

The advantages of the Mobile Banking service:​
  • You have access, any time, to real-time information about your accounts, cards, deposits and active loans with Alpha Bank.​
  • You can start new deposits.
  • You have quick access to the location of Alpha Bank branches and ATMs.​
  • You can find updated information about exchange rates.


Automated directing and prioritization of phone calls to the Gold Call Center, with the identification of any registered phone number.

The Gold Call Center offers you specialized personnel, between 09:00 and 18:00, to ensure the support you deserve.

He is next to you and serves as the basis for your information.

The services and advantages which are offered as members of Alpha Gold Personal Banking Service.

Together for your daily needs and transactions.